The Toyota Opportunity Exchange brings together a diverse group of suppliers, including women-owned businesses like MVC. The event gives participants opportunities to develop valuable new business relationships.

“For me, the networking is second to none. I think the women-owned business enterprise (WBE) spending target of 2 percent is a positive for women. This is still a male dominated industry and I think it’s great to encourage suppliers to take a look at women-owned businesses,” MVC’s Linda Torakis said. “Just providing the opportunity for us to be out there and to open the door is a great thing. We can compete on our own merits.”

MVC is capitalizing on those open doors. In 2010, the company began talks with Toyota Opportunity Exchange attendee Murakami Manufacturing USA Inc., which produces exterior mirrors for Toyota. This year, MVC secured a $1.2 million contract to supply chrome trim to Murakami for the Lexus RX350. MVC also connected with Tokai Rika at the Opportunity Exchange, which will result in more than $1 million for production of chrome-plated parts for the Ford Mustang and Fusion this year and on the Nissan Maxima in 2015.

During the last 25 years, the Toyota Opportunity Exchange has helped generate new business for many minority and women-owned businesses and continues to help Tier One suppliers diversify their supply base. These partnerships add value and innovation to Toyota’s products and services. Read more...

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